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Please read the following terms carefully before using this website

Once you visit the website, read the content on the website, download any data from the website or use any data provided by the website, it shows that you have accepted these terms. These terms constitute the agreement between you and Keruiyue(“the company” for short). If you don’t accept the following terms, please don’t use this website. The following terms are applicable to the user and visitor of the website and the company reserves the right to revise the terms.


The materials and information on the website include but not limited to texts, pictures, data, views, suggestions, webpage and links. Although the company strives to provide accurate materials and information, the company doesn’t ensure the accuracy, completeness, abundance and reliability of the materials and content. The company declares that it is not responsible for the error and omission of the materials and content and does not provide any form of express or implied guarantee including but not limited to the guarantee of ownership, no infringing the rights of the third party, quality and no computer virus.

The content of the website is subject to change without notice or prompt. Please visit the website to obtain the latest information. The products or service of other companies mentioned on the website is to provide the relevant information and do not indicate the approval or recommendation of the products and service. The company does not provide any declaration, guarantee or approval for the products, service or information on the website, and all products and service are subject to the sales contract and terms of the company.


The ownership, copyright and other rights of the content including but not limited to data, text, graphic, image, audio or video belong to the company except the quoted content. The above-mentioned rights are protected by General Principles of the Civil Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Law of the People’s Republic of China for Countering Unfair Competition, other laws and regulations, standard document of law and the related international treaty. The infringer of the above-mentioned rights shall assume the civil, administrative and criminal responsibility and be responsible for all results. Without the written approval of the company, you cannot copy, recreate, spread, publish, repost, reorganize or display any content of the website and cannot mirror any content on other servers.

Predictive Statement

The information issued on the website may contain some predictive description with risk and uncertainty. The predictive statement reflects the current view on the future things and is not the guarantee of the future business.

The Third Party Links

The website may have the third party links, and the user makes a decision of visiting the links. The company doesn’t ensure the accuracy, completeness, abundance and reliability of the information, data, view, picture, statement or suggestion provided by the links. The provision of the links is for your convenience, does not indicate the approval and recommendation of the information and is not for propaganda or advertising.

Privacy Protection

The company respects the privacy of the user, and shall not search the information of the user without the consent of the user. The e-mail, address or other information obtained by the company for provision of service and website management shall not be provided for the third party without the consent of the user.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Once you visit the website or use the facility and/or service provided through the website, it shows that you have accepted that the visit and the provision of the facility and/or service is subject to the Law of the People’s Republic of China and under the jurisdiction of the People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China.