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The company employs promotion manager and employees all over the country because of business development.

1 .Number: 10 people
2. Requirements:
ⅠGender: Males/females
ⅡAge: 22-40
Ⅲ.Education: Above junior college or the applicant has two years'experience of promotion and his education is above senior school.
Ⅳ.Specialty: Mechanical and Electronic Integration, Information and Automation Control, Promotion or related specialty
Ⅴ.Experience: The applicant has promotion experience of high-low voltage switch tank, mid-tank, ring net tank, charging tank and related products. Ⅵ.Other Requirements: The applicant should have strong communication, good appearance and temperament, respect the job and be loyal to the company.

3 Salary: negotiated The applicant can contact us by E-mail or telephone (13823165779). Feb. 22, 2006