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  • research project
    Wind and solar R & D of intelligent control systems (in cooperation with Hunan University)
  • invention patents
    Hydropower resources symbiotic ecological system 200,810,067,068.6
    Drive LED light method 200,610,060,207.3
    A wind power device 201,010,510,528.5
  • utility model patents
    A transform to the mains grid power generation output device ZL200920260825.1
    A wind power installations ZL201020565473.3
    LED light driver circuit 200,620,013,457.7
    A new type of vertical axis wind turbine of the typhoon 200,910,189,325.8
  • appearance patent
    Wind turbines (the breeze start) ZL201030559670.X
  • research project
    Wave power generation system
    Fluid fairing wind power generation facilities