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  • Name: Low voltage complete set GCS/GCK/GGD
  • Number: Transmission and Distribution 07

GCS/GCK/GGD is indoor withdrawable complete low-voltage switchgear for power distribution with three-phase AC 50Hz under the rated voltage of 660V, and its performances complies with related requirements of IEC60439 Low-voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment and GB7251-2006 Complete Low-Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment.
Featured by compact and solid structure, flexible assembly, rational layout, reliable interlocking, high-grade protection, safe and easy operation, good interchangeability and heavy short-time withstand current, it can be installed with various domestic and imported circuit breakers as driving forces, control centers, and power distribution units for special metering, lighting, and power compensation.

The switchgear is suitable for power receiving, feed and motor control in AC 380V systems under 2500kVA or below in power plants, substations, as well as large buildings, high-rise buildings, airports, hospitals, theaters, stadiums, ports, underground facilities, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. It can match the computer interface in such electricity occasions as low-voltage power control centers and motor control centers in large-capacity power plants, large-scale petrochemical industries, etc.

Main Technical Parameters
Rated insulation voltage: 660V
Rated operational voltage: 380V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Maximum working current of horizontal busbar: 5000A
Short-time withstand current of horizontal busbar: 80kA/1S
Rated peak withstand current of horizontal busbar: 176kA
Maximum working current of vertical busbar: 1200A