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  • Name: High power LED street lamp
  • NO: New energy 06
  • Time: 2012-01-06

High power LED street lamp



Wall wash lamp,explosion-proof lamp in gas stations




LED floodlight specialized in large billboards

National multi-patents and power saving products emphasized on popularization

National patent200610060207.3

Utility model patents:ZL200620013457.7

Design patent:ZL200630017276.7

LED floodlight is specially designed for large billboards and has high light effect, long life , stable

& safe and power saving features.Equipped with intelligent controller(light & time control),the lighting

system of billboards is free from maintenance,reduces cost,saves investment and improves efficiency.


SFA4*8B6G28W     SFA3*85G≤25W


Project cases              Installation motioned 


 Explosion-proof lamp,indoor lamp

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