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The leading products developed and produced by the company include: medium-voltage KYN28A-12/24 central cabinet, XGN15-12/24 ring-network cabinet, SFR6-12/24 sulfur hexafluoride gas insulated box-type metal enclosed ring-network switchgear (gas-filled cabinet), YBP-12/0.4-800 prefabricated substation, KWDF10-12/24 high-voltage cable junction box, low-voltage GGD, GCK, MNS distribution cabinet and other products. The company also produces and sells FLN48/36-12/24 series SF6 load switch (load switch fuse group), complete sets of accessories and electric operating mechanism. The above products have passed the type test of the National High Voltage Apparatus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute, Northeast Electric Power Apparatus Product Quality Inspection Station and the 3C certification of China Quality Certification Center. KYN28A-12 central cabinet, XGN15-12 ring-network cabinet, SFR6-12 gas-filled cabinet, KWDF1-12 high-voltage cable junction box KFR6-12/24 solid insulation ring-network cabinet and other products in the product have passed the new technology appraisal of new products in Guangdong Province, and the comprehensive technical performance of the product is stable, laying a solid foundation for market promotion. The products are reliable in quality, advanced in function, good in stability, economical and applicable, and are widely used in factories, mines, high-rise buildings, railways, subways, highways, airports, open locks, box-type substations, wind power generation and other occasions.

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